There has forever been issues with the ways in which men communicate with women, and often this has led to disagreements between family members, friends, partners and so on. Many have tried to help males understand the ‘proper’ way to talk to the modern female through the use of books such as “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” by Dr.Gray, and films such as Mel Gibson’s “What Women Want” but there is still confusion, especially for young teenagers beginning new kinds of relationships with the opposite sex, and that is where we step in. Our blog is targeted towards younger males, aged between 16 and 25, to help assist them in the ‘do’s’ and ‘do nots’ of how to speak to women. The university is a great asset in helping us create and obtain information for this blog as we have access to a large number of young females which can be interviewed for information for our blog, this ensures that the information is up to date and valid for our viewers.

Currently there are similar blog to our over the internet, however none of the target the specific issue of male, female communication which we are targeting

The other blogs target a larger population, and tend to be non-specialized. We want to concentrate on young people, especially men between 16 and 25 years old, whereas the other websites generally focus on an older demographic or are not specifically focused on the communication element of relationships. Examples of such websites include http://blog.shieldformen.com and menshealth.com.
They adopt a formal approach based on sociological or psychological elements even if the so-called scientific reasonings can be reappraised. We would like to use an informal approach, close to the reality.

Our blog is unique because there is currently no other blog like it in existence. You can find a lot of websites about male and female communication, but many of them have a scientific (sociological, psychological, …) approach that makes them have a global view on the subject. On top of that, they are often made by grown-ups who are not always able to answer the younger markets issues.
We especially want to target young people (16-25 years old) as it is the age when you discover and start interacting with people of the opposite sex. So, this population is the more likely in a position that needs advice and information about how to communicate. So, the added value of this blog is to provide friendly advice to young people by young people.

Our blog will succeed because we chose a market that tends to favor the Internet to answer to their questions. What’s more, this market is the least experienced in men and women communication, and is in the position to have many questions about the topic. We think that young men are looking for an informal and relaxed place, close to them and to their way of living (expression, virtual interactions, habits…).

Even though neither of our group members have an extensive amount of experience with writing blogs, however we all have experience in different areas which combined gives sufficient tools for us to run a successful blog, as a marketing experience, business management and developing and maintaining websites. Some of the skills we will have to develop is using website such as Google to promote our blog in order to improve its popularity, also in order to obtain research for our site we may need to conduct interviews which is another skill that can help us make the most out of our blog. In order to market our blog we will focus on social networks such as facebook, twitter etc so many subscriptions and research needs to be made in order to find the best method to gain the attention of our target market.

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